Hi, welcome to my webpage.

I love taking pictures and meeting people.

For the past eight years, I have been working as a professional photographer/photojournalist. I have had a great pleasure working with prominent clients such as Save the Children Korea, Adidas and Asia Society Korea Center. I have hung photos on gallery walls and had 4 solo exhibits to this date. Having come from the documentary tradition, I have also met great many people from different walks of life – from the underprivileged at a homeless shelter to celebrities and chairmans of international organizations. These humbling and exciting experiences helped shaped my personality and vision.

Not only will I deliver great-looking images, but I am personable and fun to work with. I know Seoul by heart and I’m fully bilingual in Korean and English, so for shoots in and around Korea, I would be a perfect fit.

Please check out my portfolio and contact me if you’re interested in my service. Let’s make great images and stories together.


I’m away on assignment, and my site crashed and contents disappeared after upgrading a theme. I’ll fix it as soon as I get back home.