Jenny and Jae’s Traditional Wedding at Korean Folk Village

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Jenny and Jae’s Traditional Wedding at Korean Folk Village

Jenny and Jae asked me to take their elopement photos in winter of 2013. They wanted something casual and to do away with the formality of ceremony or service.¬†Despite their qualm, however, they ended up having three different weddings including the elopement; one in the U.S. and a Korean traditional wedding at the Korean Folk Village. All thanks to their families’ wishes.

I was honored when they asked me to take photos of their traditional wedding. It’s always nice to have clients appreciate your work and come back to you for more. It was slightly hot, but the shoot itself was straightforward. The traditional wedding ceremony itself was a simplified one: it went on for less than an hour. Still, it had all the joy, flavor and color of the typical traditional wedding ceremony, and it was delightful for me to take photos and witness the service.

At the end of the day, Jenny was more relieved than happy to get it out of the way. I joked since they had 3 different wedding ceremonies, it would need three different stages for the marriage to break. They eventually moved to the states and are living happily ever-after, maybe because of all the three weddings they had to go through.

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