Portrait: Jazz Pianist Edsel Gomez

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Portrait: Jazz Pianist Edsel Gomez

“2007 Grammy award nominee Edsel Gomez is today one of the premier Latin Jazz pianists in the world.

Born in Puerto Rico in 1962, he began piano studies at age five. He grew up in a musical environment that allowed him to master afro-Caribbean rhythms in depth, working since childhood with an incredible array of Latin music idols such as Marvin Santiago, Celia Cruz, Carlos “Patato” Valdes, Santitos Colon, Cheo Feliciano, Roberto Roena, Willie Colon, Ismael Rivera Jr., Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Olga Guillot, Lola Flores, Marco Antonio Muñiz, among many others.”

– excerpt from Edsel Gomez’s website


Edsel found me through Google, just like many other clients. He was working on a new independent album to be released sometime in August and wanted to take some portraits for the cover and jacket. Our original plan was to find a rustic road somewhere in Seoul, but the cold weather wouldn’t allow an outdoor shoot. So we decided to have the portrait session at The Timber House at the Park Hyatt Seoul, where he is doing an artist-in-residence.

When taking portraits, I always try to put the subject at ease and bring out his or her inner character and strengths. Despite his thriving career, Edsel was ever so charming, gentle and creative and overall so fun to work and hang with. He threw me some great (and wacky) ideas, and we had great fun for two hours.

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