Architecture: Urban Detail’s Hanok Renovation

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Architecture: Urban Detail’s Hanok Renovation

Daniel Tandler is a German architect at the architecture firm Urban Detail in Seoul, Korea and a good friend of mine. Urban Detail specializes in hanok – Korean traditional housing – design and renovation. Daniel and other young architects at Urban Detail teamed up with hanok masters to form the architectural cooperative Chamooree in 2014.  For one, they renovated a small hanok house in Myeongryun-dong and magically turned it around into their head office. Urban Detail’s innovative approach to hanok architecture and inspiring story was even featured in an advertising campaign by Evernote Korea.


Impakter Magazine in Europe wanted to feature their story and Daniel asked me to take photos on their behalf. And I truly enjoyed the gig. Their office is a delightful and architecturally accomplished place if I may: the beauty of the traditional hanok is preserved, but it is modernized enough to be convenient.

The total of 9 images were eventually published, 7 of which were mine. Many other photographs didn’t make the editorial cut, so here they are. Some hanok architecture photos that did not see the light of the day.

You can read Daniel’s article on hanok remodelling on Impakter here.

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