Sanghee and Soocheol’s Wedding

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Sanghee and Soocheol’s Wedding

Sang-hee is a cousin of the bride for whom I took wedding photos about 2 years ago. At the wedding, she said she liked the way I worked and she would someday hire me for her own wedding. I thought it was really nice of her, but little did I know that she would actually contact me 2 years later. It was rewarding and flattering at the same time; she could have easily gone with another photographer.

I think my strength as a wedding photographer is that I carefully capture and craft the story of the special day. I have trained eyes for little details, subtle emotion, and nuanced and candid moments from working as a photojournalist and visual storyteller for years. I don’t pose the bride and the groom a lot during a wedding. Instead, I try to capture moments as they come along as naturally and beautifully as possible. At the end of the day, you will notice my photographs all come together and form a visual story. They tell a more cohesive one especially in the form of an album.

If you like my way of storytelling, please feel free to contact me. I would be honored to document your special day and capture the beautiful story.

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